Resolve to Travel Smart in 2020: 6 Inspired Ideas

Now is a great time to start thinking about how to make your travel plans for 2020 better than ever.

Six Airline Fees You Should Know About

Airline fees are sky high and they’re only on their way up. A recent report from the Government Accountability Office estimates

Destination Weddings: Are They Worth the Cost?

As if all the planning and logistics of getting married wasn’t already fraught with stress, in recent years the wedding

5 Ways to Save Money on Your RV Road Trip

Heading out on a road trip in a recreational vehicle allows travelers a unique opportunity to explore the nation while

5 Travel Rewards Myths That Could Cost You

Twenty-four years ago, I knew so little about travel rewards that I took an around-the-world trip without signing up for

How to Score Luxury Travel for Less

Let’s shatter one myth right now: Airline passengers typically can’t talk their way into upgrades from the cheapest coach seats

Five Ways You’re Wasting Money Everyday

Airline Fees Imagine this scenario: you think you found a great price on your airline ticket. You did everything right:

Stay a Step Ahead of Travel Scams

Beau Bergman had planned a romantic evening in Paris with his girlfriend, but the two were running late for their

How to Prepare for Unexpected Airline Fees

Sneaky fees don’t only show up on your monthly bills. Airline ticket fees sneak up on travelers when they least

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