How Does Your 401(k) Compare to Average?

More than 97 million Americans have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. If your retirement savings is a portion of

Do Your Finances Add Up? The Top 7 Online Calculators You Need

When it comes to financial health, knowledge is power. Fortunately, there’s a calculator for nearly everything and if you’re smart

Yes, You Should Ask Your Parents About Their Financial Plans

Parents are often more than happy to offer financial advice to their kids. They like to feel needed and want

5 Key Steps to Join the 401(k) Millionaires Club

In 2013, Fritz Gilbert reached a goal he had worked toward for 28 years: His 401(k) hit the million-dollar mark.

Got an Hour? Chalk Up 4 Quick Financial Wins

Sometimes money is like technology. Getting stuff done — whether it’s updating an operating system or moving a bank account

The Hot Movement You’ll Want to Join

The FIRE movement is on fire! The acronym, which stands for financial independence, retire early, is an inspiration to many

Dreaming of an Early Retirement? Here’s What It Takes

Once considered a pipe dream for most, early retirement now seems to be a trend. The movement has a growing

Surprise! Guess Who Is Being Scammed Most Often

For years, the elderly have been warned about a host of scams aimed at them. From “grandchildren” being held hostage

The Pros and Cons of a Roth IRA

In the world of retirement accounts, Roth IRAs are the favored child. What’s not to love about totally tax-free growth

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