FICO Makes It Tougher to Get a High Score

You need a high credit score to save money on the interest rates banks charge you on credit cards, and

Protect Against ‘Card Not Present’ Fraud

If you think your credit, debit, or prepaid card is secure because it’s safely tucked away in your wallet, BILLSHARK

Here’s the Best Way To Protect Your Identity

Credit monitoring is good. Free credit monitoring—the kind being offered in the Equifax deal, as well as by so many

How You Can Cash In On the Equifax Settlement

BILLSHARK has the latest information on the government’s settlement with Equifax last week, plus how to determine whether you’re eligible

Compound vs. Simple: Which Loan is Better?

There are two kinds of interest you can encounter when taking out a loan: simple and compound. Not knowing the

6 Ways To Avoid Going Broke On Wedding Gifts

You’re so lucky that you have such a large, loving family and so many wonderful friends! But when they start getting

Credit Scores Are Rising — Is Yours, Too?

Credit scores are creeping upward for most Americans, according to the latest “State of Credit” report from credit bureau Experian.

7 Ways To Manage Your First Credit Card

Whether you’re still in college or are just embarking on life on your own, your first credit card is your

Six Money Myths You Should Avoid

Not all financial advice is worth taking. In fact, some money myths can set you on the wrong financial path.

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