Retailers Trick You Into Overspending at Their Stores

You may think you overspend when you shop because you have no willpower. But BILLSHARK wants you to know it’s

One Great Way to Save Money? Buy Nothing

BILLSHARK not only wants to save you money on your bills, but on everything you buy. And one of the

Buy Now, Pay Later: Smart Move or Financial Trap?

The pandemic changed many things about the way we live, work, and buy. One of the newer ways to make

Buying Sustainable Clothes Also Saves Cash

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day this week, April 22. Of course BILLSHARK appreciates the way Earth Day

How to Save Money on Gas and Beat Rising Prices

Gas prices are up more than 25 cents in the last two weeks. Experts say the national average of $2.75

10 Dirty Secrets Subscription Boxes Don’t Want You to Know

If you read personal finance pieces, you’ve discovered the damage automatic drafts can do to your family’s bottom line. The

Pandemic Puppy Scams Soaring

Along with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic came a sudden interest in pet purchases and adoptions across the country.

Is Black Friday Worth It This Year?

BILLSHARK fondly remembers the good ole days of Black Friday. Setting the alarm for 3:30 a.m., heading out to stand

For Significant Savings, Your Freezer is Your Friend

You can’t miss the predictions of a second—or is it a third?—wave of coronavirus infections as we’re heading into winter.

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