California Wins in Net Neutrality Fight

When we left off last, BILLSHARK was telling you about the previous administration’s apparent success in halting 2018 a California

BILLSHARK Brings Relief for Federal Employees Struggling to Pay Bills

It’s hard enough to pay monthly bills. It’s almost impossible when you’re not getting your paycheck. The government shutdown, which

Should You Buy a New Car Before the Tariffs Hit?

Whatever your position on President Trump’s proposed tariffs, the fact is they will raise prices on a host of consumer

Net Neutrality Isn’t Dead Yet

As part of BILLSHARK’s never-ending campaign to watch out for your wallet in every venue, we have reported before on

It’s Not Over Until the Senate Gets Some Clear Answers from Sneaky Cable Companies

You probably recall the hearing held by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in June, 2016. The investigation centered

Telecom Lobbying Kills Your Internet Privacy

Last month, President Donald Trump signed a bill repealing rules that had been passed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Will Trump’s FCC Chair Neuter Net Neutrality?

Donald Trump campaigned as a champion of the working class, but on the subject of net neutrality, at least, he

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