These Types of Apps Could Prompt Impromptu Spending

While some apps help you save money, others have a way of encouraging you to spend more. Changing how you

Finding Calm in the Storm of Bill Paying

There are so many things that stress us out on a daily basis. Waking up and going to work is

Bill Reduction Platform is now SOC 2 compliant

A free market society is the foundation for tremendous financial growth and success, but it’s not without its costs. Businesses

Three Apps You Need for a Healthier Financial Future

If you feel overwhelmed and defeated by the oppressive costs of everyday life, you’re not alone. Money is the number

Four Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

There’s something about the onset of spring that makes everyone want to clean up and get organized.  While tidying up

How Banking Apps Can Motivate You to Save

Every time Olivia Robinson shops at Nordstrom, $10 moves from her checking account to savings. She set up this automatic

The Powerful Financial Assistant That Will Change the Way You Manage Your Money

In a sea of money management platforms, one app stands out: Empower. Co-founder and CEO, Warren Hogarth, created Empower to

Are You Financially Aware?

Okay, so maybe National Financial Awareness Day is not as exciting as Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, but it

Sneaky Bank Overdraft Fees are a $33 Billion Industry

When consumers fall a little short, banks are there to reap the benefits! According to the Wall Street Journal, overdraft

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