Bill Reduction Platform is now SOC 2 compliant

A free market society is the foundation for tremendous financial growth and success, but it’s not without its costs. Businesses in a free market society are driven by profit, and all too often, for many companies, the ends justify the means. In such cases, the consumer is almost always the victim. Whether a customer is simply unaware of unethical business practices, or they feel powerless to fight them, consumers are typically on the losing end of the bargain. They believe they are being ripped off by just about everyone, from their internet and cable provider, to their insurance company and doctor’s office. Whether it’s their wireless carrier or the government, consumers can’t catch a break and it’s no surprise that dissatisfaction is at an all-time high.

At Billshark, we empathize and empower consumers. There are many reasons why people feel that companies are always taking advantage. Lack of knowledge about consumer rights leaves customers powerless against the “gotcha” tactics of unethical companies. And even when they do know they’re getting ripped off, the frustration of dealing with their providers’ customer service departments can be overwhelming, even to the savviest consumers. Customers are left with large bills and very little recourse. In fact, the evidence is overwhelming; consumers overpay to the tune of:

$50 billion/year for TV/wireless/internet
$100 billion/year – auto/property insurance
$200 billion per year – medical
60% of residences overpay for property taxes

The Sharks at Billshark want to shift the power to consumers and take the bite out of lowering their monthly bills. With this goal in mind, we built a robust bill reduction platform to achieve it. Our target customers are people who want to save money but are too busy to research and execute a solution.

Billshark’S tech-enabled platform, accessed seamlessly via API, allows our partners to deliver to their consumers:

  1. Negotiate – lower existing bills.
  2. Switch – find a new provider that offers the same service.
  3. Cancel – delete the service.

By using this powerful platform, brands can increase customer engagement, NPS by controlling the end-to-end experience including:

  1. Customer facing experience – UI/UX.
  2. Communication streams.
  3. Categories of services negotiated, switched or cancelled.
  4. Customization of bill reduction processes.

Our API powers a seamless experience for companies to easily integrate Billshark’S services into their own platform and to create a strategic competitive advantage. If you’re ready to jump into the water with us, we would love to help you navigate toward a more comprehensive solution for your customers. Learn more about our recently upgraded security and architecture .

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