Mark Cuban Backs Billshark – Prey for Your Service Providers

Billshark is making waves across the nation and we’ve caught the attention of the greatest Shark of all: Shark Tank star, Mark Cuban. We’re very excited to announce that Cuban is officially backing and advising Billshark! We are thrilled to benefit from Cuban’s expertise in partnerships, product development and marketing and to have one of the most successful entrepreneurs swimming by our side.

Billshark, a leading bill reduction platform, empowers consumers and businesses to save time and money by leveling the playing field with service providers. We enable our customers to quickly and easily reduce monthly bills including TV, wireless, internet, satellite TV, and home security. The process is simple and fast: simply snap a picture of an existing bill, upload it using the secure Billshark app, and sit back while in-the-know Sharks negotiate lower monthly bills. Our success rate is excellent: customers frequently save 25 percent or more, which means hundreds of dollars per year back in customers’ wallets. Since launching in 2016, Billshark has saved its clients more than $10 million, with average customer savings totaling about $300 per bill annually.

Although customers are aware of their service providers’ sneaky billing tactics, the process to negotiate or even cancel a subscription can be daunting. Despite overpaying for services every month, the frustration of dealing with long hold times and seemingly “dead-end” conversations with customer service agents is an understandable deterrent for customers. Monthly subscription bills continue to creep up, seemingly without reason, and Americans overpay for these services by about $50 billion per year. Billshark works on behalf of its customers and we don’t charge any fees unless we save our customers money on their monthly bills.

According to Cuban, it’s Billshark’s tireless effort to save consumers time and money that caught his attention. “Billshark eliminates the stress of negotiating or cancelling a bill, so its customers can focus on more productive and long-term goals,” he said.

At Billshark, we’ve set big goals and, with Cuban’s support, we have no doubt that we can achieve them. Our objective is to save consumers and small businesses more than $2.7 billion by 2025. Through our various partnerships, including seamless Application Programming Interface (API) integration, we hope to reach as many consumers as possible in places where they typically pay their bills. And we’re not stopping there. With eyes on the future, we’ve partnered with Dave Ramsey to empower middle school students with the “One Bill, One Child” program by giving them the knowledge they need to become independent, financially successful adults.

So “prey” for the service providers and their big monthly bills; the top Sharks in the nation are on the hunt … and they’re ready to bite!

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