The Complexity of Streaming Bundles: Billshark is Ready to Help

With the return of services and subscription bundling to the marketplace, consumers face rising monthly costs and increased complexity in managing subscriptions.

The Growing Burden of Monthly Subscriptions: Billshark is Ready to Help

The number and cost of household monthly subscriptions have been steadily increasing, causing financial strain for many.

The True Cost of Monthly Subscriptions

In today`s digital world, the average household subscribes to multiple services, significantly impacting monthly budgets.

Navigating the Rising Tide: How Telecommunication & other Service Providers Quietly Increase Your Bills - and how Billshark can help!

Have you ever wondered why your telecommunication bills seem to climb every few months or years, even when your usage and

Unsubscribing from “Subscribe”

In an effort to acquire more listeners, Apple Podcasts is ditching the word “subscribe” — in favor of the word

10 Dirty Secrets Subscription Boxes Don’t Want You to Know

If you read personal finance pieces, you’ve discovered the damage automatic drafts can do to your family’s bottom line. The

Dreaming of Streaming

These days, it’s all about streaming.  If we weren’t attached to our video streaming services before the pandemic, we are

Four Things to Consider Before You Cut the Cord

Many consumers today are cutting the cord and saying good-bye to their cable and satellite providers. And who could blame

7 Things To Know About “Risk-Free” Trials

The Internet sure makes it easy to buy things, doesn’t it? You can have pretty much anything you want with

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