The Comcast Cap is Coming. What Customers Can Do About It?

Comcast customers in the Northeast will be getting some unpleasant news starting in January. In 12 states, from North Carolina to

4 Things You Should Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

Promises of an imminent cryptocurrency market boom and Bitcoin’s opportunity of a lifetime are everywhere. The next big bitcoin hype

What to Do When It’s Time to Cancel Your Services

At Billshark, we often discuss the many ways we can save you money on daily household services like phone, cable

Everybody is Talking About Affordable High-Speed Internet

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the importance of high-speed internet.  You

Comcast’s “Free” Streaming Box Will Cost You $13/Month

Is anything really free these days? If you’re being offered a service or product for free, you should ask yourself,

AT&T Faces Lawsuit for Another Hidden Fee

Strange fees are appearing on consumers’ bills with much greater frequency these days.   It was recently discovered that AT&T

Your Cable Company is Raising Your Prices Through Hidden Fees

What do airlines, hotel resorts and cable companies have in common? Lots of hidden fees. What the companies advertise to

Four Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

There’s something about the onset of spring that makes everyone want to clean up and get organized.  While tidying up

The Powerful Financial Assistant That Will Change the Way You Manage Your Money

In a sea of money management platforms, one app stands out: Empower. Co-founder and CEO, Warren Hogarth, created Empower to

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