Are Unnecessary Bills Eating Away at Your Company’s Revenues?

Chances are, your company is paying too much for recurring business bills. These overpayments can add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month - and that’s how your service providers like it. They bank on you being too busy running your business to examine their invoices line by line and spend hours on the phone negotiating a better deal.

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3 Ways Billshark Can Help

Billshark’s business bill reduction service halts the feeding frenzy your service providers are having at your expense, saves your company money, and adds to your bottom line.

Lower Your Recurring Bills

Billshark has an over 90% success rate in lowering business bills. Send us your mobility, telecom, waste management, payroll, SaaS subscriptions, and document services bills, and we’ll find the savings.

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Lower Your Reimbursements for Wireless & Internet

Billshark can make sure you are reimbursing your employees only for the lowest-cost wireless and internet plans.

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Lower Your Employees’ Bills, Too

Billshark’s consumer bill reduction service makes a great voluntary employee benefit, which is why companies such as Delta Airlines, Gannett, Yale, MGM Resorts, and T. Rowe Price offerBillshark’s services to their employees.

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