Should You Refinance Your Home Mortgage Now?

Interest rates have plunged since the start of the pandemic, and—although they’ve begun creeping up in recent weeks—remain at historically

7 Bankruptcy Myths

Even if Congress stops dragging its collective feet and passes a slimmed-down stimulus package, it’s likely to be too late

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If you’re desperate for cash—and many people are these days—a payday loan might seem like a simple solution. But BILLSHARK

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According to a recent survey by the Mortgage Bankers Association, 4.36 percent of mortgage home loans were delinquent at the

Should You Buy a Multifamily Home?

If you’re of millennial age or younger, BILLSHARK knows you’re facing financial pressures not encountered by previous generations, including huge

How to Make Bankers Love You

Everyone wants to be loved, but it’s not necessary to be loved by everyone. You can get along just fine

Compound vs. Simple: Which Loan is Better?

There are two kinds of interest you can encounter when taking out a loan: simple and compound. Not knowing the

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