How to Prepare for Unexpected Airline Fees

Sneaky fees don’t only show up on your monthly bills. Airline ticket fees sneak up on travelers when they least expect them. Sound familiar?

These days, it’s not enough to do research and compare the cost of airline tickets. Hidden, unexpected fees makes it virtually impossible to assess the true cost of flying, according to Consumer Reports. Here’s what consumers should look for when comparing the price of airline tickets:

Baggage Fees

This is where many airlines get you. Baggage fees are different on every airline and many fees depend on your status. Every airline has information and rates spelled out on their website.

Be sure to check each site when comparing the price of travel on different airlines like American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, and United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.

Your Seat Choice

Long gone are the days of simple seat categories. Now there are many options for consumers, and each one can come with an added cost. Want extra leg room? That might be extra. Don’t want the middle seat?

There may be a fee for that. SeatGuru created to help travelers pick the best seat and in-flight amenities can help consumers identify the seat they want, and determine whether the extra cost is actually worth it.

Wifi and In-Flight Entertainment

Unless you’re planning to read a book or sleep through the flight, airlines have a variety of entertainment options for travelers. The cost of WiFi varies from airline to airline. JetBlue has free WiFi but most airlines charge passengers an additional fee. Check your credit card to find out if they offer any in-flight perks for travelers.

Other Unexpected Fees

According to Consumer Reports, there are other fees that travelers don’t expect. Sending an unaccompanied minor? There’s a fee for that. Traveling with a pet? It can be costly. Check out PetTravel to find out what airlines charge.

At Billshark we prioritize price transparency. Consumers always make better decisions with more information. Do your research to avoid unexpected fees when you travel.

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