Billshark Partners with Payrailz to Reduce Customers’ Monthly Bills

Reducing customers’ bills is not only our job, it’s our mission. That’s why we partner with companies that share our vision: to empower consumers to save time and money.

We’re excited to announce that Billshark is partnering with Payrailz, a digital payments company offering advanced bill payment and money transfer solutions to banks and credit unions. Payrailz will leverage Billshark’s platform to provide bill negotiation, subscription cancellation and curated shopping services enabling banks and credit unions to lower monthly bills for their individual customers and small businesses. According to Payrailz’s CEO, Fran Duggan, the company is “… reinventing the payments experience.” The relationship with Billshark is designed to “help financial institutions increase their value to consumers in a unique way.

Shockingly, approximately 80 percent of consumers are being overcharged for their wireless, internet, home security and telecommunications services. That percentage increases for subscription services: 90 percent of consumers are paying for subscriptions they don’t want or need. We are happy to say that we have an average success rate of 85 percent when negotiating bills and a 99 percent success rate when cancelling unwanted subscriptions.

That’s where the Sharks, our expert negotiators, come in. Our mission is to advocate for consumers by taking on corporate giants and empowering our customers by leveling the playing field with service providers. By making bill negotiations and financial payments simpler and more streamlined, consumers can take better control of their finances, without the added burden and frustration of navigating the system on their own.

Partnering with Payrailz brings Billshark’S unique services to the financial services industry and their clients. Bringing our convenient, no-hassle approach to lowering monthly bills to their growing network of bank and credit union clients will help ensure that consumers never overpay again.

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