Top 6 Apps for Productivity

Being productive is the key to success in any endeavor. Whether it’s in your career, home life, or the vacation of your dreams, staying organized and productive will make your experience that much more enjoyable. With all the amazing technology literally at our fingertips, there are tons of apps out there that claim to boost productivity. But which ones are the best? We’re listing our top six productivity apps below!


Evernote allows you to make notes (list, photo, or even a reminder) that are available on all of your devices! Your Evernotes are searchable within the app (so you can access your notes without having to dig too deep) and shareable with co-workers, family and friends.


Pocket is the perfect app for those who want to stay up to date on current events, relevant news or viral videos, but just don’t have the time. The Pocket app allows you to save all types of media to view later, when you do have the time to sit and enjoy them! The best part? Once they’re saved in the app, you don’t need an Internet connection to view them (hooray for Subway commuters!).

Fantastical 2:

The Fantastical 2 app is the smart calendar of our dreams! Not only does Fantastical 2 have a beautiful design, but it makes scheduling and reminders easy for everyone. Fantastical 2 is considered a “smart calendar” allowing you to type in natural language (your own style) that it will recognize. There are so many great functions to this app!


Workflow allows you to automate things you do on your smartphone by connecting apps and actions. How does that work? With this useful app, you create different ‘Workflows’ that are combinations of things, or actions, you do together every day. For example, do you always edit your photos in a specific app and then save it to your Dropbox and then post it to your Twitter? Create a Workflow that makes those steps easier and automated without opening and closing a bunch of different apps.

Day One:

While it may seem that journaling is a lost art, we believe it’s just done differently these days — through technology! The Day One app makes journaling simple by allowing you to collect your memories, thoughts, and photos in one place. Taking the vacation of a lifetime? We can’t think of a better way to document your travels!

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