Announcing Billshark API Connect!

We’ve got more FINtastic news to share: Billshark is launching an API! What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is best thought of as a contract provided by one piece of computer software to another and a driving force behind virtually all social platforms. Essentially, an API is a way for programmers to communicate with a certain application. Chances are you’ve used an API before, especially if you utilize apps on your smartphone. What does this mean for Billshark? We’ve got the details below!


The purpose of Billshark launching an API is to enable our partners to easily integrate Billshark services into their own platforms. By integrating into Billshark Connect, partners can create a strategic competitive advantage and increase LTV (lifetime value) all while improving ARPU (average revenue per user). Because the API is fast and flexible, our partners are able to customize the experience in a manner that best suits their brand and customer experience!


Integrating to the Billshark Connect API will give our partners access to:

  1. Enroll a customer in the Billshark service
  2. Submit a bill (or multiple bills) for negotiation
  3. Obtain the status of the negotiation for all bills submitted

All of these items can be customized with the look and feel of our partners brand.

Billshark designed the Connect API with security in mind by creating a multi-layer, encrypted solution ensuring our partner’s customer information is secure at all times so you never need to worry about your privacy!


Calling upon years of API design experience, Billshark was able to create a fast, reliable, and secure API for it’s partners in a very short amount of time. In super technical terms, leveraging JSON (JavaScript object notation) in a RESTful API (representational state transfer), we have created a robust, encrypted service that is easy to integrate with./p>

We’re excited to get our API launched and to integrate it with all of Billshark’S amazing partners! Stay tuned for more news.

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