The Senate Takes Action!

We shared with you recently that the Senate is working on investigating some of your most hated providers’ practices in an effort to make improvements for consumers. Not too long ago, cable and satellite executives sat down with senators for an interview, sharing their own personal stories and challenges, and C-SPAN captured the entire thing (watch them squirm!). Today we’re sharing some of our favorite highlights from the presentation and you can check them out below.

It’s not just your average consumer that is fed up with these companies, it’s your Senate members too!

Senator Claire McCaskill brings up a great point about transparency and promotional fees! Do all of you check to see what your fees will be AFTER your “promotional period” ends? Some (most) companies don’t even inform you!

We hear crickets, not promises!

Saying all the fees and taxes on your monthly bills is “confusing” is an understatement!

It’s about time the government takes a stand against these poor practices! It certainly helps that it’s not just the average consumer who’s frustrated and has had more than enough of over billing, subpar customer service and confusing billing protocols. We hope, for everyone’s sake, that these issues get resolved.

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