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With saving money top-of-mind these days, it’s natural to want to scrutinize expenses in an effort to find places to save. According to the cost-cutting experts at BillShark, saving money doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the services you enjoy everyday. Savings can be found simply by assessing and negotiating your existing bills. There are several ways to save money on internet service. Although lack of competition enables major carriers, like Verizon and AT&T, to overcharge, we will show you how to lower your internet bill.

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Strategy 1: Look for Easy Cost-Cutting Opportunities

Examine your existing plan and think about your internet needs to determine if there are any easy ways to cut costs on your bill.

  1. Reduce your need for speed

    In the case of internet speed, faster is better, but not always necessary. Top speed often means top cost, so understanding what speed you actually need is helpful because reducing internet speed is one way to lower your bill.

    • 0-5 Mbps: good for checking email, streaming music from one device, Google searches
    • 5-40 Mbps: good for streaming video on one device, FaceTime or Skype, online gaming for one player
    • 40-100 Mbps: good for streaming video on more than one device, gaming for multiple players, downloading large files
    • 100-500 Mbps: good for streaming video on UHD on multiple devices, downloading files fast, gaming for multiple players
    • 500-1K+ Mbps: good for doing anything you want

    Once you know which speed you need, you can make adjustments to your bill. If you want to know how to test your internet device speed, click here:

  2. Take ownership of your equipment

    Internet providers usually offer you the option to rent their wireless equipment eliminating the need for you to research and buy your own. While this is an attractive option, you will be charged a monthly fee. By buying the equipment yourself, you will cut the extra monthly charges, which should reduce your overall internet bill as long as the cost to buy doesn’t exceed the cost to rent. Before making this decision, though, consider asking friends or family if they have any extra routers they no longer need. Many people have them lying around the house unused.

  3. Put your bill in someone else’s name

    You can consider putting your existing bill in a roommate’s or significant other’s name to get an introductory deal usually reserved for new customers.

Strategy 2: Negotiate Your Bill Yourself

Once you’ve handled the quick fixes, you can start the process of negotiating with your internet carrier. While this can be time-consuming and tricky, it’s worth doing if you have the time and patience.

  1. Know your competition

    Look for other providers in your area, such as Verizon, Spectrum, AT&T and Comcast, and compare their prices. Then call them to find out what introductory deals they are offering.

  2. Analyze Your Bill

    Check your bill line by line for any unnecessary charges, like a phone connection you aren’t using.

  3. Test your internet speeds

    Make sure you’re getting what you paid for. If not, use it as leverage during the negotiating process.

  4. Call your service provider

    Once you’ve taken the steps above, you’ll be ready to call your internet provider. Make sure you have enough time to get to the right person, as significant wait times and long holds are typical. Have a script ready, be direct in asking for what you want and be sure to mention the competitors and what they are offering.

  5. Be ready to walk away

    If you don’t get the bill reduction you are seeking, ask to speak to a supervisor and then threaten to switch providers if you are unsuccessful.

    If you want tips on how to lower a specific provider’s bill, click one of these links if you see your provider listed:

Strategy 3: Let a Professional Negotiate Your Bill for You

Hiring a bill-cutting service is a great option for those who want to get cheaper internet, but don’t want to do the work on their own. Whether it’s phone, cable, internet, home security or even streaming subscriptions, BillShark’s expert negotiators find savings quickly and efficiently. They will discover why your internet bill is so high and get you hassle-free savings without switching providers.

  1. Use our cost calculator
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    Simply send us a copy of your latest internet bill so we can get started. Our expert negotiators know exactly how internet plans work and how much internet should cost, so we ask the right questions to get to the right people. You will avoid those infamous long hold times and frustrating conversations with customer services reps and the best part is, you don’t pay us anything until we save you money.

  3. Get SMS Progress Updates

    We will update you every step of the way through convenient SMS updates. That way, you always know how we are doing and have the latest status of your account. And you can feel secure knowing your information is safe and that we will never share it with anyone.

Saving money on internet service is an important step to reducing your overall spending. Every amount counts and no bill is too small to find savings. Let BillShark help you achieve your money-saving goals today.

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