Top 5 Reasons People Hate Their Cable, Mobile & Internet Providers

There are many things Americans don’t agree on, but one thing seems to unite us all: our universal hatred of Cable, Internet and cell phone providers. It’s hard not to get frustrated at some of the practices of CableTV and phone companies. It’s as if they’re intentionally trying to upset the customer, simply because they can get away with it. Here are the top five reasons people hate their CableTV, Internet and cell phone service providers.

1. Customer Service

You’re never in a good mood when you have to call customer service, because there’s usually something wrong that needs to be addressed and you know you’re about to waste your precious time on the phone to possibly get nowhere. Maybe the bill was too high this month, or the service has been out for the last 12 hours. In either case, you need their attention. You hope you’ll get in touch with one of the good service reps, the ones who actually know what they’re doing and have you off the phone in a few minutes as a satisfied customer. But, that hardly ever happens – right? You always get the guy who has no idea what’s going on, or doesn’t even understand what the problem is from the get-go.

2. Extra Fees

We hear this complaint a lot over here at Billshark! They tell you the service is going to be $24.99 per month with a twelve month commitment, but then you get your first bill and there’s an additional $12 of fees tacked on to the end. The total is usually broken down into indecipherable taxes and fees like the Federal Universal Service Charge and the Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge. Those do sound very official, so they must be legitimate, right? Another scenario is when your bill starts creeping up every month with their hope that you never even notice. Didn’t read the fine print? That’s what they’re counting on!

3. Spotty Coverage

Have you ever been on a road trip and lost cell phone coverage in what should be a very well-covered area? Or just leisurely strolling around your own town for that matter and can’t seem to send a text message out? If not, consider yourself lucky, because it is infuriating! You would think your cell phone service provider could handle the service needs of all of its customers wherever they provide service, but sometimes that’s just not the case and you’re suddenly the guy waving your phone in the air trying to find a signal! “Can you hear me now?” The answer always seems to be “no.”

4. Weather Outages

There is a certain logical reality behind the idea of weather blocking a satellite signal that can’t really be blamed on the providers, but they’re no less annoying when they happen. You cross your fingers that the service comes back up as soon as possible, and you hope it’s nothing serious enough to require a technician to come out. Then you’d have to cancel your plans for the next week between 10 am and 5 pm – the most convenient hours for NO ONE!

5. Poor Features and Packages

The adage is resoundingly true in the case of CableTV, Internet and cell providers: you get what you pay for, and that Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge apparently doesn’t buy much. You can usually get one set of features you want if you’re willing to sacrifice on some other area, but finding a perfect CableTV or cell package is nearly impossible. Want unlimited data? You’ll probably have to sacrifice somewhere else and vice versa. We’re waiting for the day when someone creates the perfect package, too!

We know exactly how frustrating and inconvenient all of these issues can be. That’s why we’re here. Our sharks are trained experts at lowering your bills and fighting to get you what you deserve with your providers. There are so many other things you could be doing instead of sitting on hold with an incompetent cell phone service representative, right? Let Billshark handle it!

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