Top Apps & Services That Make Life Easier

If there’s one thing that remains a constant trend as the years go by, it’s that convenience trumps all. Making purchases online and utilizing services that deliver right to your door have become the new preferred ways of shopping and we can definitely see why. Browsing and marking items off your to-do list right from the couch or your desk has its appeal! Are you aware of all the helpful apps and services out there that make convenience that much more convenient for you? We’re breaking them down below!

Operator – For everything from gift ideas, event tickets and hard-to-find items, Operator’s professional shoppers provide concierge service at your fingertips. Simply send a request through this messaging app and a network of experts help you to find what you are looking for. Recommendations are tailored to your specifications, and when you make a purchase within the app, they monitor from start to finish in order to ensure your satisfaction.

Keep Shopping – Similar to Pinterest, this app allows you to follow the boards of your favorite members and save items to your own “collections.” Featuring fashion, accessories, home décor, and design, all items are available for purchase within the app. Once items are saved to a collection, the app will notify you if there is a price reduction. At Billshark, we’re all about savings so we think that’s pretty awesome!

Shipt – For those days when you don’t have the time, or just would rather do something else, Shipt offers grocery delivery to your home. Simply download the app, select the items that you need, and a local shopper will purchase and deliver them to your door. If an item is unavailable, the shopper will send you a text and you can decide if you would like to approve a replacement or skip the item. Delivery usually occurs within one hour and is free with an order of $35 or more. The service also allows you to send groceries and get-well packages to friends and family.

Washio – Dreading that weekly trip to the dry cleaners? Now there’s a solution! The Washio app allows you to schedule your laundry services and they take care of all the “dirty” work (only in certain locations around the country)! Washio picks up, launders, and drops-off your laundry with a speedy turnaround time — and they even bring you a cookie at every drop off! How sweet is that?

Rent frock Repeat – Have a big event coming up and absolutely no time to spend hours sifting through clothing racks at your favorite department store looking for the perfect dress? Rent frock Repeat to the rescue! Sign up, have a (free) private fitting, phone or Skype consultation, and then rock that frock (and return it)! They have tons of designer gowns and even maternity styles. Designer apparel without the commitment or hefty price tag? Yes, please!

Convenience is surely paramount these days and most consumers want to be able to use a service with one tap of a finger or one click of a button! Which is your favorite go-to convenience app?

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