Three Apps You Need for a Healthier Financial Future

If you feel overwhelmed and defeated by the oppressive costs of everyday life, you’re not alone. Money is the number one source of stress among American adults and less than half of them have $400 or more in cash savings. Saving money can be difficult, even for the most financially savvy individuals. Fortunately, there are ways to streamline the process with money-saving apps that help consumers save money and grow their wealth easily and effectively. At Billshark, we believe that technology can be a valuable financial tool. Here are a few easy-to-use apps we think will increase your nest egg and decrease your stress.


This app empowers users by putting their personal goals at the core of the product and then boosting their savings efforts with clever tips and tools rooted in behavioral psychology.

Tip Yourself

Want to reward yourself? This app is for you! Every time you do something tip-worthy, like go to the gym, or forgo an impulse purchase, you can reward yourself by transferring money from your checking account into your (FDIC-insured) savings Tip Jar. Before you know it, those small financial rewards become big savings.


Parents know that the cost of raising a child has grown significantly. Kidfund helps parents set aside money for their children’s futures, accept cash gifts from friends and family, and donate to another child in need.

Want to save more money? Let Billshark lower your monthly bills.

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