One Bill, One Hour, One Child Update

Billshark has always had a mission beyond just lowering bills. Our company advocates for consumers while empowering people to take control of their finances. We took that a step further. Last spring, we partnered with Ramsey solutions to offer its premier, comprehensive Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum to 1,000 middle school students in Boston. With every bill that our customer submits to Billshark, we pay for one child to receive one hour of instruction in finance, an effort to empower a future generation and to educate them about the fundamentals of saving, spending and giving. This curriculum can be used as a primary or supplemental resource to fulfill requirements in mathematics, economics, family consumer science, business mathematics and personal finance. We believe that empowering children through education is the single best way for them to become independent, financially successful adults.

Since the launch of One Bill, One Hour, One Child last spring, we have donated student textbooks and teaching materials to 15 schools across Boston:

Arthur Coolidge Middle School – Reading, MA

Bellingham Memorial Middle School – Bellingham, MA

Boston Green Academy – Brighton, MA

Cambridge Street Upper School – Cambridge, MA

Charlton Middle School – Charlton, MA

Epiphany School – Dorchester, MA

Excel Academy-CS-Chelsea – Chelsea, MA

KIPP Academy Boston – Roxbury, MA

Lexington Christian Academy – Lexington, MA

Madeleine D Andrews Middle School – Medford, MA

Match Charter Middle School – Jamaica Plain, MA

Neighborhood House Charter School – Dorchester, MA

Smith Leadership Academy CS – Dorchester, MA

UP Academy Charter School – Boston, MA

Walter Parker Middle School – Reading, MA

Our goal is to educate 1 million children across the country by 2025. Our Sharks believe that learning to navigate financial waters at a young age is the key to success.

Every time a Billshark customer submits a bill to our Sharks, they are helping a child achieve a lifetime of financial success. The Sharks are not just reactive, they are proactive and they are spreading their knowledge, one student at a time.

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