Billshark - Here to Fight for You

Have you ever felt overcharged or taken advantage of by service providers? Do you feel that you pay too much on your monthly bills? At Billshark, we understand your frustrations. We believe in doing the right thing.  We don’t think people should overpay for anything.

Dealing with providers can be difficult and time consuming. Whether you hate having to haggle, don’t have time in your schedule, or just want to save some money, we can help. Billshark is a convenient, no-hassle way to lower your bills. Starting in September, you’ll never again have to haggle with your current providers. Billshark will offer you real-time information and convenience to maximize your savings. We want to empower you to save money.

Billshark uses the latest technology, data, systems and processes to conveniently help customers stop overpaying for monthly services such as CableTV, Wireless, Internet, and Home Security. Our team of expert bill negotiators will make sure you never overpay again. It’s simple. Just snap a picture of your bill and send it — we’ll take it from there.

We provide real convenience. It only takes you 5 minutes to save 25% on your bills. Other negotiation/bill payment/monitoring companies claim they are convenient, but really aren’t.

The best part? You don’t pay unless we save you money. For any deal we negotiate, we split the first year’s savings with you. That’s it. When you team up with Billshark, you have nothing to lose.

But why trust us? Well, because we’re professionals. Our leadership team has over 20 years of combined experience working with the very companies we negotiate with. We also employ tactics that, in the past, have saved customers $5 million over the course of 20,000 bill negotiations.

Service providers know that most people don’t have the time, patience, or willpower to go through the negotiation process. That’s why you need a Shark. With us on your side, you’ll never overpay again. Your bills don’t stand a chance!

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