What to Do When It’s Time to Cancel Your Services

At Billshark, we often discuss the many ways we can save you money on daily household services like phone, cable and utility, but did you know we can also help you cancel those accounts?  We can even cancel subscriptions you didn’t know you had! Whether you are moving to a new home or changing providers because you’re unhappy with your service, the process of canceling can be a huge hassle. Having a professional help close your accounts and ensure you aren’t being overcharged can make all the difference. Here are some real-life examples where outside help was needed.

Case Study #1

Earlier this year, NBC San Diego reported a story about Linda Poppenhusen who canceled her AT&T cable account in 2016 before moving to a new home.  After calling the company two years later to try to lower her rates, she was shocked to discover her old account had never actually been shut down (even though she had returned all of her equipment) and she had been double billed for both accounts for 24 months.  The charges were significant — she had paid over $4,000 for the old unused account — but AT&T would only refund her for one month! She tried to get a full refund, but kept getting transferred from one supervisor to another with no luck. She enlisted the help of NBC 7 Responds/Consumer Bob and finally got all of her money back.

Case Study #2

Frank Woods canceled his cable service with Optimum after 34 years due to a move in mid-January 2018, but was told he would have to pay through January 31.  Annoyed at having to pay for a service he was no longer using, he called the company only to be told it was company policy and there was nothing he could do about it.  Carolyn McGrath wanted to cancel her Optimum service to switch to another provider just a day into the new billing cycle and was told she, too, would have to pay through the end of the month.  This amounted to $94 for a service she was no longer using. Nj.com helped them out and they were eventually refunded their money, despite the wording of the policy.

The Problem

Many large TV and internet providers offset subscriber losses by inflating their fees and refusing to prorate services.  This means they won’t provide refunds if service is canceled before the end of a billing cycle. However, consumers can’t always wait until the end of a cycle if they are moving or find a better deal from another provider and need to take advantage of it immediately.

The Solution

While it’s important to become familiar with your providers’ cancellation policies before closing an account, dealing with big businesses can be daunting, unpleasant and difficult to navigate on your own.  Some people just don’t want the confrontation of calling to cancel because they fear the company will use tactics to try to get them to stay. Billshark has experts who can resolve your cancellation quickly and efficiently.  We will also make sure there aren’t random accounts out there in your name that you don’t know about. You will never have to read the fine print, wait on hold or be transferred from person to person. And you don’t pay us a thing until we are successful.

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