Saving Time is Worth the Money

Charles Darwin famously said that a person “who dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Time is one of those intangible things that people desire the most but have the least.

In fact, the most successful companies in the world not only recognize the importance of time, but they also make sure their companies prioritize it. According to NYU Stern School of Business Professor Scott Galloway, bestselling author, and tech industry expert, the companies that provide the highest shareholder value does one of two things: “extend time (more time, saving time) or enhance time.” According to Galloway, there are excellent examples of companies that save consumers time for a relatively small cost:

Streaming Services: Relatively inexpensive services, like Netflix, can save you time watching ads. According to Galloway, “advertising is a tax the poor and technologically illiterate pay.”

Grocery/Household Item delivery: Companies like Walmart, Amazon, and even Instacart understand that consumers who have the opportunity to shop online and have their groceries and household items delivered will pay for the convenience.

We believe that Darwin was right, except we would take it one step further: a person who wastes one hour of time has not discovered the value of life — and the value of Billshark. As Professor Galloway so wisely stated, successful companies must save or enhance their customers’ time. Saving time is Billshark’s priority.

Studies show that consumers spend about 43 days of their lives on hold. Some consumer calls are necessary, but the most painful calls — to cable, internet, and wireless companies — can be easily and inexpensively avoided by allowing professionals to handle them for you.

Companies like Billshark can give you the gift of time. We handle bill negotiations, subscription cancellations, and so much more, completely risk-free. And a bonus? We will save you money and make sure you never overpay again. Just send us your monthly bills, and we will make sure you’re getting the best rate possible.

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