Top Three Personal Financial Management Apps

Apps these days are like smartphones: How did we ever get along without them? And when it comes to managing your personal finances, why struggle with cumbersome spreadsheets or even old-fashioned pencil-and-paper figuring when you can let an app do the work for you?

Our goal here at Billshark is to help you take control of your finances, and we want you to know about every available tool to do so. So check out these apps and see if they don’t make your financial life go swimmingly.

You Need a Budget

We love this app! Because the name says it all: You need a budget if you’re ever going to get control of your financial future. And this app makes it practically painless! It walks you through the four rules of budgeting: giving every dollar a job to do; embracing your true expenses; rolling with the punches; and, aging your money.

These rules may sound esoteric, but they’re really very simple. The first, giving every dollar a job to do, means to be intentional before you spend a dollar. The second, embracing your true expenses, explores the way your money seems to “disappear” before you’re anywhere near your next paycheck. The third, roll with the punches, shows how to adjust your budget to accommodate unexpected expenses. The last, aging your money, teaches you to spend today with money you’ve earned at least a month ago. All these steps lead you to the path of “spending right.”


Called “the ultimate life hack” for your finances, this app offers a bill comparison engine that scans your transactions and offers real-time insight into better deals; a feature that tracks your spending so you can find out where your money is going and learn how to save; and financial statistics to help you better understand your financial picture. In addition, it offers banking-level security, allows you to connect unlimited accounts, set custom trackers to alert you when you’re overspending, and offers advice to help you save. This app is like having your own personal accountant handling your finances.


This app is also incredibly useful, offering a 360° approach to showing you how to manage your money, guiding you through devising a budget you can live with, letting you know when you’re spending more than normal, and helping you think through retirement and other goals. It also provides free credit monitoring through TransUnion, so you’re always on top of how your financial decisions impact your credit score.

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