The Best Apps for Business Owners

Being an entrepreneur can pull you into a million different directions and require you to wear many different hats. Not only are organization and productivity key to your success, but efficiency also plays a role. With today’s technology-driven world and future, what better way to accomplish your daily tasks than with an app right on your smartphone? Today we’re sharing some of our favorite apps for business owners.


Wave is a great app for invoicing. The Wave app allows you to create and send professional invoices, estimates and receipts quickly and efficiently. You can track the status of your invoices and payments so you can know when to expect money in your bank account.


While Skype isn’t new to the game, it’s an app that has truly stood the test of time. While new apps are released daily, Skype is still used by a multitude of entrepreneurs and staff members to communicate with numerous features like instant messaging and group conference calling.


If time management isn’t your strongest attribute, RescueTime is the app for you! RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. At the end of your workday, RescueTime will send you a detailed report showing you where you spend your time that day so you can alter and adjust your time management moving forward.


TripIt is the ideal app for those who travel for business. How does it work? Book your own flight and then send over the confirmation email to TripIt and they will consolidate all of your travel plans in an easy to read and follow format right on your app screen. Your itineraries can be accessed from any device, even if you’re offline (ie: spotty traveling wifi!).


Speaking of traveling, you’ll need an app to keep track of all those business expenses, right? Expensify allows you to smart-scan in your receipts and then handles the rest of the work and accounting for you.


The square app allows you to accept payments anywhere, right from your smartphone. When you sign up with Square, they automatically send you a small card reader that attaches right to your phone. Square also works on any device, making it even more convenient. The only hiccup? They charge you a small fee for each transaction.


If you need a better way of organizing your tasks, say “hello” to Trello! Trello is a very visual app that helps you and your team organize tasks and projects through the use of easy-to-follow boards. The Trello app can be used solo or as a collaborative effort – always ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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