Suppose TV Alerts Customers to Changes in TV Services

When it comes to getting the best deal on TV services, knowledge is power. Start-up Suppose TV is making waves with their platform to help consumers make the best choices about their TV services. Last year, the company launched an online tool allowing consumers to compare different combinations of available TV services. Now, Suppose is taking it one step further. The company is rolling out a new feature called TV Service Alerts. For each user, Suppose stores channel selections and feature preferences. When service offering changes result in different service recommendations — due to price changes, content additions or removals, or feature changes — Suppose will email a personalized alert.

“The best TV service choice is often a combination of services from more than one service provider, including multiple base packages and add-ons.  There are billions of combinations,” said Andrew Shapiro, co-founder of Suppose. “With TV Service Alerts, Suppose monitors available offers and matches them to a user’s preferences, ensuring they always have their best TV subscriptions.”

The rapidly changing video services market is beneficial to consumers in that it provides more choices as well as the potential to save more money. However, with more players in the market, as well as constantly changing offers from streaming services, consumers can become overwhelmed. Just last year, YouTube TV and DirectTV Now, among others, raised prices for live TV. Netflix raised its price for subscription video (twice) while Hulu took a different approach: it lowered the price for subscription video but raised its price for live TV. In addition to prices, packages keep changing too. Some services are dropping channels while others are adding them. It’s hard to keep up!

Suppose TV seeks to help consumers make smart choices based on their preferences and needs. Suppose TV’s site allows users to customize preferences such as channels and features. As packages change, the user can receive a personalized alert that tells them if they can obtain a better deal.

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