Billshark Brings Relief for Federal Employees Struggling to Pay Bills

It’s hard enough to pay monthly bills. It’s almost impossible when you’re not getting your paycheck. The government shutdown, which is well on its way to being the longest shutdown in American history, is wreaking havoc on the lives of 800,000 federal employees. Most are wondering how to keep their heads above water while their elected officials have a standoff at their expense.

Billshark wants to help. Top Shark Brian Keaney, COO and Co-Founder of Billshark, knows exactly what the stress feels like. As a federal employee during the government shutdown in 1995-1996, Brian was scared and confused about how to pay his bills as he waited for his paycheck. When he chose to work in civil service for the US Air Force right out of college, he believed he had selected a career with the most stable “company” possible.

“I witnessed first-hand how stressful a government shutdown is for federal employees. At the time, I didn’t even think something like this was possible. I was told to go to unemployment because they had no idea how long the furlough would last, and I found myself in the impossible situation of having bills with no paycheck in sight,” remembers Brian.

Now he wants to help federal employees manage their mounting monthly bills. At Billshark, we believe that consumers should not have to struggle to pay for their monthly services like wireless, internet, cable and home security. We not only lower our customers’ bills, we lower the stress that comes with complicated and unfair billing practices that plague consumers.

Here’s how we can help right now.

If you’re a federal employee, submit your monthly internet, cable or wireless bill, and we will negotiate your monthly payment. The first 250 federal employeeswill receive our negotiating services at NO FEE if they provide proof, dated this week, that they received a “zero paycheck.” After the first 250 federal employees, we will continue negotiating on your behalf at a discounted rate and a 6-month payment plan.

We hope a government resolution is on the horizon. In the meantime, let us take some of the stress out of managing your finances during this challenging time.

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