3 Ways Frontier Communications is Screwing its Customers

Is no one safe from the shady practices of corporate communications giants? The 4th largest telecom in the United States, Frontier Communications, offers Cable TV, Internet, and phone services in 38 states across the United States. With a revenue of over $9 billion, you would think that Frontier would offer the highest level of service to its loyal customers. However, its customer ratings are dismal. According to Broadband Now, only 33.8 percent of reviews posted by consumers were positive. Consumer Affairs reviews gave it a whopping one out of five stars based on customer feedback. So what’s Frontier doing wrong and why are customers so angry? Well, if what’s happening in Minnesota is any indication, Frontier is turning its back on its customers.

Frequent and Prolonged Loss of Service

An investigation by the Minnesota Commerce Department found that Frontier has “failed to provide adequate or reliable service.” Some examples provided by the report include frequent and lengthy service outages (including customer access to 911 emergency services), delays in repairing and restoring service, and failure to maintain and repair equipment. Many of the 100,000 customers to whom Frontier provides service are elderly, disabled or in need of medical care. These customers’ lack of basic telephone access to emergency services can be detrimental.

Billing Errors

The investigation found frequent billing errors that included unauthorized and inaccurate charges. In addition to shady charges, Frontier also refused to provide refunds for service outages, which were quite frequent.

Extremely Poor Customer Service

The investigation noted a lack of timely responsive customer service, including lengthy call wait times, inaccurate information and alleged loss of repair tickets. Even more frustrating is Frontier’s discrimination against its loyal customers. The investigation found that the company prioritized new installations over repairs of existing service in rural areas compared to more populated areas.

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