Should You Hire a Bill Negotiating Service

Consumers today are not only burdened with rising prices for cable, wireless and internet, they’re also victims of unethical billing practices by their monthly providers. Even the U.S. Senate has addressed the issue. However, consumers continue to overpay for their monthly services. In the past, customers could either cut the cord or get on the phone with their monthly provider to try and lower their own bill. Today, consumers have another, more appealing option: hire a professional bill negotiating company like Billshark. Here’s how it works:

What bills can be negotiated?

Cable and Satellite TV, wireless phone, landline phone, internet access, Satellite radio, home security, and TV + Internet + phone packages. Billshark works with providers such as Comcast, Charter Communication, AT&T, Dish, Time Warner Cable ®, DIRECTV, Verizon and SiriusXM®.

How does it work?

You can enroll in the service in minutes, send a copy (photo or upload) of their bill and relax while their Shark battles with the provider to save you money. Once the negotiation is complete, you receive a phone call from your Shark explaining the results.

How much is the average savings?

The average savings is approximately $300-500 per bill, although the Sharks have secured a $10,000 savings for one very lucky customer. Billshark promises to make every effort to get you the best rate possible, but typically, results can differ based on the provider and the type of bill.

What is the fee for negotiating bills?

The fee structure is simple and completely transparent. The cost of the negotiation is 40% of your savings but only if Billshark actually saves you money. If you already have the best rate possible and Billshark was not able to decrease it further, there is absolutely no fee for the service. Because the fee is determined by the actual savings, you will find out the complete cost after the negotiation is completed.

Is data and payment information secure?

Billshark prioritizes customer security. Whether it’s customer data or payment information, the company utilizes the highest level of security available and will never share your information with third parties.

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