Three Ways Your Cable Provider is Taking Advantage of You

If you’re frustrated with your cable provider you’re not alone. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), subscription TV services are rapidly losing ground to streaming video services when it comes to customer satisfaction. The customers aren’t wrong. Corporate giants are focused on their bottom line: profit. This is almost always at the expense of the consumer and it’s time that customers take a stand. Here are a few ways your cable provider is taking advantage of you.

Higher Prices

The cable companies are at it again, raising prices without offering any real benefits. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, customers’ cable and satellite TV bills have gone up 53 percent since 2007. Although the typical excuse from corporate giants is “higher costs,” higher profit is more likely the driving force behind price hikes. Furthermore, the added competition of streaming services has cable companies in a panic. So how do they deal with this new reality? By raising internet prices to keep cable bills high. The cable industry’s monopoly on high-speed internet still allows them to maintain power, thereby making it easy to continue screwing the consumer.

Hidden Fees

If you think that cable companies are being transparent about their billing, you might need to take a much closer look at your bill. Why are you paying an HD technology fee when HD is the industry norm? Unfortunately, despite advances in technology, consumers still pay the fee. And what about broadcast TV fees and regional sports fees? Never heard of them? Well, you’re paying. At the very least, consumers deserve transparency in pricing. It’s only fair, considering how much we pay corporate giants each month.

Poor Customer Service

According to a 2018 telecommunications report by ACSI, customer satisfaction with subscription services fell 3.1 percent, an 11-year low for the industry. Although store and service center staff maintain a decent satisfaction score, call center satisfaction continues to plunge. It’s no surprise that customers are frustrated; calling your service provider often feels like going into battle. In addition to poor call center satisfaction, customers are frustrated by the backward policies of TV subscription companies. While airlines and retail companies are rewarding loyalty, subscription TV providers are focused primarily on acquisition. That means new customers get better deals than loyal customers.

So what can you do? Look closely at your bill. Know your rights. Start demanding honest, transparent pricing. And remember that Billshark is here to advocate for you and stop the corporate giants from taking advantage. We’ll lower your bill so you’ll never have to overpay again.

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