Money20/20: The World’s Largest Payments & Financial Services Innovation Event

This coming weekend, our CEO and one of Billshark’s co-founders, Steve McKean, will be speaking at Money20/20 in Las Vegas. Money 20/20 is the world’s largest payments and financial services innovation event and Billshark is so proud and humbled to be a part of it. With 10,000+ attendees, including more than 1,000 CEOs, from 3,000 companies and 75 countries expected, Money20/20 is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. Not only are we looking forward to explaining what we’re all about here at Billshark, but we’re excited to hear from a few other presenting companies:


Autobooks is a tech company that helps financial institutions (banks) bring treasury products to the users who need it most – today’s small businesses. Autobooks combines cash & accounting into a single platform so that customers can do everything they need, without the hassle – in one convenient and secure place.


ReplyYes coins itself as the “easiest way to shop.” ReplyYes connects you with the things you love, every day, with a simple text. There isn’t an app or website to use, everything is done simply through text messaging. ReplyYes will curate products they think you’ll love, send you a text, and all you have to do is reply “yes” to the items you want and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep.


Greenlight is a debit card for kids that parents can control from their smartphones.  Parents can control where their little ones are allowed to spend their money, as well as how much they can spend. There’s also a messaging integration and kids can request funds. Allowances made easy!

Hip Money:

As we’ve mentioned before, budgets are so important to us here at Billshark! Hip Money analyzes your spending without making you change it. They’ll offer you a daily saving recommendation right on your smartphone and show you the future value of saving without making you do math. You just swipe to save.


Clarity offers startup advice from world class experts in multiple industries and topics. Whether you’re in the market for funding advice or you need some guidance in management, Clarity has an expert to help lead you in the right direction. You can browse their list of experts, arrange a call with that expert and then get all the answers you were looking for.


Debitize functions to help you automate your personal finances by staying on top of your credit card spending. With Debitize, your credit card acts like a debit card. Every day, purchases you’ve made are withdrawn from your checking account and set aside to pay off your credit card bill. You’ll see your credit score rise in no time!

We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing from the tech and finance industry’s best this weekend at Money20/20!

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