It’s Taxing!

When you suddenly find yourself drowning in documents and receipts, it could only mean one thing: tax season. Fortunately, your mobile device can help you automate and streamline what could otherwise be a daunting exercise: organizing and filing your taxes. Here are the apps you need to save time, money and, most importantly, your sanity.

Taxfyle: What’s better than an Uber for your taxes? Taxfyle, an on-demand tax filing app, matches customers with a professional who does your taxes for you. Just answer a few simple questions on your device and get connected to your very own CPA.

It’s Deductible: Keep track of your charitable donations so you can be ready for tax season. Use this simple app to log your donations throughout the year and even use it as a reference for the most current values of your donated items.

TaxSlayer GO: Perfect for taxpayers with simple tax returns, this platform allows you to file quickly, simply, and most importantly, for free.

IRS2Go: The official tax app of the IRS allows you to check the status of your refund, make a payment, and find free tax help all in one place.

MileIQ: For frequent travelers, an app that automatically tracks and logs your miles through automatic drive detection is a must-have. Save time and money with a simple swipe.

Expensify: Automate your most dull and exhausting expense reporting tasks with this comprehensive app. Just snap a picture of your receipt and the app will log it into the relevant expense report.

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