Amazon’s QuickSight Helps Us Save You Money

As part of Billshark’s ongoing commitment to bring you the best bill monitoring service in the most cost effective manner, we have integrated Amazon’s exciting new Business Information (BI) system, QuickSight, into our technology platform.

In a nutshell, BI is the data a company uses to run its operations and remain competitive. This includes everything from notes on phone calls to sales revenue to data mining. In turn, this information must be organized, analyzed and acted upon to improve operations.

Amazon’s QuickSight is a subsidiary of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers a suite of cloud computing services. QuickSight is a cloud computing tool that is essentially point-and-click, allowing users to point at a piece of data they want analyzed, and instantly receive a graphic display of the results.

Here’s a highly simplified explanation of how it works. The interactive program collects data the customer needs, secures it and analyzes it. Then it waits for a query, say, “What percentage of our customers who ordered the purple widget returned it?” and not only provides the answer, it also shows the information in the most appropriate graphic (for instance, a pie chart vs. a bar chart) to best convey the answer. Then the user can point-and-click again to add comments if necessary, and share these results with any individual or group in the organization.

QuickSight can be used for a host of BI needs, including forecasting and planning, marketing and sales analytics and inventory and shipment tracking, among many other tasks.

The best feature of QuickSight is that it is available for 1/10th the cost of traditional solutions. If you go back even further, to the days when armies of engineers and analysts spent months crunching data and producing usable reports on a single query, the cost savings is off the charts, because the standard annual subscription fee for QuickSight is $9 per month. That is not a typo. Additional bells and whistles are available for slightly more, but it’s still a steal for what it does.

What does this mean to you, the Billshark customer? Put succinctly, better service at lower cost. QuickSight’s analytical tool allows us to keep our overhead low while keeping our proficiency high, and continuing to offer you the fastest, most reliable bill negotiation services in the industry.

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