3 Ways T-Mobile is Cheating Its Customers

When it comes to shady business practices, T-Mobile certainly has you covered. Like most wireless carriers, T-Mobile cares about profit much more than the consumers it serves. Here are three ways that T-Mobile takes advantage of its customers.

1. T-Mobile Uses False Ring Tones

Although false ring tones were outlawed by the FCC in 2014, T-Mobile continued to use them. According to the FCC, “False ring tones cause callers to believe that the phone is ringing at the called party’s premises when it is not. A caller may then hang up, thinking no one is available to receive the call. False ring tones also create a misleading impression that a caller’s service provider is not responsible if the call fails.” After the ban went into effect, hundreds of millions of false ring tone calls were made on T-Mobile networks. Although T-Mobile claims that the false rings tones were unintentional, the wireless giant was ordered to pay a $40 million fine to regulators. Unfortunately, the real victims will get nothing; T-Mobile will not have to compensate its customers.

2. T-Mobile Falsely Claims to be “America’s Best Unlimited Network”

On what basis does T-Mobile make this grandiose claim? It’s network speed. The corporate giant says that its highly rated speed on Ookla (https://www.ookla.com) and OpenSignal (https://opensignal.com) outweighs everything else. But according to the National Advertising Division (NAD), the fact that T-Mobile has the highest average data speeds doesn’t mean their network is more reliable or provides greater coverage than other networks in the industry. In fact, according to a RootMetrics report which looks at mobile performance across the United States, T-Mobile came in third, behind Verizon and AT&T.

3. The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger May be Bad for Consumers

The company is another step closer to merging with Sprint after T-Mobile’s shareholders voted in favor of it. This is great for Wall Street, but consumer advocates say it could be bad for consumers. They claim that combining the two wireless giants could result in higher prices for consumers.

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