3 Ways AT&T is Taking Advantage of You

1. AT&T is Quietly Raising Wireless Fees

If you’re an AT&T customer, you may have given up on analyzing the details of your bill a long time ago. And we don’t blame you. Wireless bills are not only confusing, but virtually impossible to decipher. So it’s hardly a surprise that AT&T quietly raised their “administrative fee” from .76 cents to $1.99 with the hope that their $800 million windfall would go unnoticed. On a monthly basis, this doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but over the course of two years, a customer’s “administrative fee” goes from just over $18 to almost $50. For a profit-driven wireless carrier like AT&T, bringing in almost a billion dollars in revenue to grow their ever-expanding empire is just par for the course, even if it means taking advantage of their loyal customers.

2. AT&T is Charging You to Pay by Phone

If you are a sane individual who values their time, you are probably trying to avoid the rabbit hole otherwise known as a customer service call. Although many people choose to pay their bill online or through the phone automated system, talking to a human is going to cost you. Though most of us would pay not to have to talk to a customer service rep, a $5 fee to connect with a person seems unfair, especially since the customers most affected by this fee are those who may not be savvy enough to navigate AT&T’s bill paying system. This includes the elderly and those who are new to technology.

3. AT&T Merger Could Mean Higher Prices for Consumers

The AT&T-Time Warner merger may have gotten a favorable ruling, but analysts and consumer advocates continue to warn of its negative consequences. The formation of this new corporate giant could mean higher prices and fewer choices for consumers. According to some consumer advocates, AT&T will not only own the largest distribution platform, it will also have some of the most valuable content out there today. Though consumers may not notice immediate changes, there is no doubt that the media landscape is changing dramatically. Corporate giants like big media and big telecom companies will undoubtedly enjoy far greater power over consumers.

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