5 Ways Comcast is Screwing You

5 Ways Comcast is Screwing You:

1. Comcast charges for installation when you don’t need it. A report by Ars Technica found that Comcast charges customers a $60 or $90 installation fee even when a home has already been wired for Comcast service. According to the report, this means that Comcast is charging a big fee even when they don’t have to make any upgrades.

2. Comcast slows down your mobile video speed. Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile announced that it’s throttling users’ video streaming speed to 480p resolution and its hotspot speed to 600 Kbps. According to the company, it’s making this change to “help maintain the low price point of Xfinity Mobile.” Although customers can get faster service on an interim basis by calling Comcast, once that period is over, users will have to pay an additional fee to get HD-quality video.

3. Comcast doesn’t keep users secure. At a time when consumers’ data is so vulnerable, you would think that corporate giants would make security a priority. However, according to a report, a security flaw in a Comcast service activation website compromised customers’ security by allowing virtually anyone to get a customer’s Wi-Fi network name and password. To obtain this information, only a customer account ID and their house or apartment number are needed. Once this information is retrieved, an attacker could access the customer’s Wi-Fi network and read unencrypted traffic from users of the network.

4. Comcast has hidden fees. Is your bill creeping higher and you’re not sure why? You may want to check your bill for unwanted or hidden fees. Fraudulent billing is a recurring problem at Comcast. In 2016, they were hit with the largest fine in cable history by the FCC for fraudulent billing practices. But, it seems that in 2018, they’re still at it. According to a consumer alert by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, consumers are filing complaints that Comcast’s Service Protection Plan (SPP) is appearing on their bill without their consent. Read more about it here.

5. Comcast is raising prices. According to a new FCC report, TV providers are adding extra fees and charges, such as “broadcast TV fees” and “regional sports fees” on top of the rate consumers believe they’ve locked in. Some analysts estimate that these costs have gone up 8-10% each year over the last four years. Check out the price hike breakdown at Consumer Reports.

By the time consumers discover how much they are overpaying, they’ve already lost hundreds, and sometimes thousands of hard-earned dollars. Don’t wait. Contact Billshark and we’ll make sure that the corporate giants aren’t taking advantage of you. We’ll take a bite out of your bills so that you never overpay again.

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