What Type of Customer Are you?

We all have monthly bills for services like wireless, cable, satellite, internet and home security. But we don’t all handle our bills and rates the same away. There’s no right or wrong, but the way you approach your monthly expenses can have an impact on your financial health.

The Satisfied Customer

You’re happy with your service and you believe that your monthly rate is more than fair for what you’re getting. The occasional surprise on your monthly bill doesn’t bother you at all. After all, you’re generally getting pretty good service and the extra few hundred dollars you could potentially save isn’t a priority.

The Shy Customer

You know that you’re paying more, but you believe that the rate is the rate. You’ve never heard of someone negotiating their monthly bill and, regardless of whether it’s possible, it’s just not your style to bargain.

The Busy Customer

You know your rates are a little higher than you expected and your customer service is a little worse, but you still have a recurring nightmare from the last customer service call you experienced a few years ago. Just the thought of getting on the phone with an account representative is so harrowing, you’d rather just let it go. The few hundred dollars in savings is nothing compared to the headache of talking to a rep from a big corporation.

The Bargain Hunting Customer

You want to get the best rate possible, so you’re always doing research on the best promotions and packages out there. You’re more than willing to switch providers once you find the best deal and you’ve pretty much tried everyone at this point.

The Frustrated Customer

Your friend down the street pays less for the same package. You have high hopes of getting your rate down but the long calls and the confusing representative hand-offs are enough to make you give up all technology. You’ve never been able to accomplish your monthly package goal but the thought of inconsistent and unfair pricing keeps you up at night.

The Confused Customer

You know you’re overpaying on your monthly bills and you’re more than willing to negotiate them. However, once you’re done with the conversation, you’ve somehow unintentionally downgraded your service, lost some channels and decreased your wireless data. Sure, your monthly payment has decreased, but so has your package of services.

The Customer on a Mission

You’re overpaying, you’re mad and you’re not going to take it anymore. You’ve made it your mission to fight for your rights as a consumer and you’re willing to spend all day on it. Your success rate varies, but you’re determined to make sure big corporations don’t take advantage of you.

Whatever type of customer you are, we’re here to help. Let Billshark take on the big guys while you sit back, relax and watch the savings pour in.

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