New, Cheaper Cellphone Plan Half the Price of Rival Wireless Carriers

The wireless market may already be crowded, but there’s always room for one more — especially if that new player can save you money. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, customers can expect a mobile service that will cost between $20 and $30 per phone.

So what’s the catch? The provider, Altice USA Inc., is a cable-television company. Although a spokesperson for the company said the pricing has not yet been set, the estimated cost of the new service is far lower than rival wireless carriers.

The service, which will likely be called Altice Mobile, will run on Sprint Corp’s mobile network. This will be enhanced by the company’s network of hot spots throughout its urban markets as well as customers’ home WiFi networks.

Altice is not the first cable company to throw their hat into the wireless ring. Comcast and Charter have both launched mobile services in the last few years to retain customers. They charge $45 per month for unlimited monthly data and the services are only available to customers who pay for home broadband. Cable-television companies hope that by offering lower wireless prices, their existing customers will be less likely to cut the cord.

The company, which has 3.3 million TV subscribers and 4.1 million internet customers says the company is planning to launch its mobile service this summer.

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