Want to Get Smart About Paying Bills? There’s an App for That.

If you’re paying your bills late every month, you’re not alone. With the majority of households managing an average of 10 bills per month on a variety of platforms, it’s not surprising that even the most organized consumers can miss a payment. Studies show that more than 20 million consumers pay at least one bill late per month and that late fees continue to grow exponentially. Paying bills late can have more implications that simply losing money each month; it can also affect your credit score and mortgage rates.

While Billshark fights to lower your monthly bills, new intelligent bill pay apps like BillGO are helping consumers manage and pay their bills on time.

Here’s our roundup of the best bill pay platforms to stay organized and save money:

BillGO: The app that has it all. You can add your bills in seconds, split them with others, and pay all bills from one app.

Mint Bills: One simple and organized place to monitor your monthly bills, bank accounts and credit cards with an online bill payment feature.

Splitwise: Perfect for consumers who share expenses, this app allows you to easily split bills and IOUs.

Venmo: Send money to friends and family or make purchases simply by linking the app to your bank account or debit card.

Bill Keeper: Though you can’t pay directly from the app, this platform lets consumers stay organized by tracking and managing their monthly bills.

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