To Big Companies, You Really Are Just a Number 

Service providers are using technology to gauge just how far they can push customers before they have to provide them with better and more targeted customer service. According to the Wall Street Journal, “some companies now equip call centers with software that analyzes a caller’s tone of voice and pace of speech to determine how upset the person is. Angrier callers get routed to agents skilled at de-escalating conflict, who are in turn warned in advance.”

Companies that crunch customer data are seeking more than just an analysis of customer satisfaction. They also want to determine whether a customer is worth the extra effort. In other words, you really are just a number. With sophisticated data, companies can determine your “breakpoint” — the stat that indicates how angry you have to be to actually to cancel the service or go to a competitor. Instead of using this data to improve customer service, companies are using it to manipulate you.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are a few reasons that customer service is getting worse:

After the financial crisis, companies downsized — and customer service departments and employees were the first to go.

Communications technology has allowed big companies to automate the customer service experience, thereby “depersonalizing the relationship.”

We think there is another reason that customer service is declining. Revenue-driven service providers have their eyes on the bottom line. This makes it very tempting to undervalue small customers. Most companies prioritize profit and new customer acquisition. The smaller your account, or the more loyal you are, the more likely you are to be ignored.

Here are a few ways you can get more effective customer service:

  1. Make your voice heard. Be persistent when you call and make sure they know that you mean business.
  2. Don’t be afraid to make changes, even if it means canceling your subscription.
  3. Use a bill negotiating service like Billshark (, the premier consumer advocate that fights unfair billing practices by lowering your monthly bills and canceling unwanted subscriptions for you.

Billshark has perfected the customer service game. In fact, we know every play in the book. That’s why our 85% success rate keeps our customers coming back for help with their wireless, internet, Cable TV, Satellite and home security bills. Contact us anytime to let your service provider know that you’re more than just a number — you mean business.

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