The Best Wireless Family Plan

Finding the best wireless plan for your family is something you probably only think about once every few years when it’s time to upgrade your cell phones.

Billshark knows that wireless deals change constantly, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the latest and greatest plans, so you can take advantage of the best offers even if you’ll be sticking with your old phone for a while.

Here are some of the best wireless plans for families:

Best All-Around Family Plan

If you are looking for a family plan, T-Mobile’s Magenta Unlimited Data Plan is our top pick.  Magenta provides unlimited data for a family of 4 at $160/month with autopay (including taxes and fees).  It will let you stream SD video as part of the plan, but, if you want HD streaming, that will cost you an extra $10 per month per line for Magenta Plus. Magenta is also offering Netflix on 1 screen for free and 1-hour in-flight WiFi, which most families will love.

Best Pre-Paid Family Plan

Metro (from T-Mobile) and Boost (from Sprint) offer a family of 4 unlimited data on every line for $140 per month and they both charge $30 to add extra lines to one of their data plans.  Metro includes Google One storage with its plan, while Boost includes more hotspot storage.

Honorable Mentions

Sprint offers unlimited talk and text data, as well as video, gaming, music streaming and 4G LTE data through its Unlimited Freedom Plan.  AT&T offers zero overages and unlimited talk, text and shared data through its Mobile Share Advantage Plan and it won’t lock you into an annual contract.  Verizon allows you to transfer contacts, photos and videos from one device to another easily and lets you locate, erase and protect your device.

Once you figure out which plan you want, don’t sign up just yet.  Make sure you won’t get penalized by switching plans if you are currently under contract.  Some carriers will absorb the costs of moving from your current carrier and some will also honor discounts offered by its competitors, but you will need to bring in your bill showing the discounts you are receiving.  Since deals vary, you will have to do a little research to find the best one.

Billshark can help you navigate this confusing process!

If this all seems overwhelming, let Billshark do the legwork for you.  We not only sift through all of the deals on the market to find you the best plans out there, but we also negotiate on your behalf to get you the very best price to suit your needs.  The best part is, you don’t pay us a thing unless we save you money.

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