How to Lower Your Grocery Bills

We’ve all experienced high grocery bills. In fact, for many American families, the amount they spend at the grocery store is one of their biggest expenses. With so many different choices at very different prices, grocery shopping can be overwhelming and very expensive. In fact, according to the USDA, the average cost of food for a family of four could be as high as $1,284 per month. Here are a few things the savvy Sharks at Billshark recommend to cut your bills.

Plan your meals.

Going to the supermarket without a plan is a recipe for disaster, also known as overspending. If you know you have plans to go out for dinner, keep that in mind when buying groceries for the week. Once you plan out your meals, make a list that includes only the food you need.

Don’t overspend on protein.

Protein is important and it’s an integral part of an individual’s balanced diet. However, it can be found in a variety of more moderately priced food, and doesn’t always have to come from expensive meat and fish.

Learn how to freeze.

Learning what foods freeze well is a game-changer. Leftovers and “ready meals” are the perfect thing to keep in store. You’ll never feel like you have to order in when you have a meal ready-to-go in your freezer.

Don’t overuse your freezer.

Many of us make the mistake of stocking our freezer with food that never gets eaten. That frozen burrito at Trader Joe’s may look good while you’re shopping, but if that’s not a food you typically eat, you probably don’t need 10 packages of it in your freezer.

Know what produce is in season.

One look at the price of sorry-looking strawberries in the winter months is enough to make you start a season-focused food regimen. A great guide to consult is Eat the Seasons.

Don’t be afraid to use coupons.

There are so many available and they really add up. Try to find great deals.

Skip the prepared foods.

They may look appetizing but they’re much more expensive than anything you can make at home, and probably not as fresh!

Skip the cut fruit, grated cheese and pre-washed lettuce.

Nobody likes washing lettuce. Nobody. That package of pre-cut fruit probably seems like it will save a huge chunk of time. And who wants to grate cheese? In reality, you’re saving very little time and paying a very big premium for the small convenience of having the supermarket do the work for you.

Stay tuned for more money-saving tips from the Sharks at Billshark. We’re always looking for ways to help lower your bills!

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