Bill Negotiation Fees: Are they Worth it?

You’ve heard the expression that everything is negotiable. The good news is, many monthly bills, like wireless, cable + satellite TV, internet and home security, can be negotiated at a very high rate of success. Bill negotiating companies can lower these types of bills in minutes and ensure that you don’t overpay again.

Once you know that your bill can be lowered, the question becomes, is it worth hiring a professional company?

What is the cost?

There is a fee to hire a bill negotiation company. Billshark charged a percentage of your savings, capped at 24 months. For example, if you submit your wireless bill and Billshark saves you $400, Billshark is paid $160 (40% of the total savings).

When is payment due?

There are several ways to pay for your negotiation if it is successful.

  • Invoice: approximately three days after your negotiated is completed, you will receive an invoice with payments amount and instructions.
  • Credit card: if you signed up with a credit card, your card will be charged upon the completion of the negotiation.
  • Six-month payment plan: if you prefer to set up a plan, you can do so for a one-time charge of $9, which you can use going forward for any bill negotiated by Billshark.

Is there a fee for trying?

If the negotiator is unable to save you any money, you don’t pay anything for the negotiation itself. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk to trying. In cases where Billshark is unable to save you money because you have existing promotions on your bill, they will record that and send a reminder of when the savings expire.

Is a negotiation service worth the fee? Can a customer negotiate their own bill?

Absolutely. Customers can call their service provider anytime to try and lower their own bill. The benefits of hiring a company, however, are considerable.

  • Save time. Negotiations can last a very long time. If you’ve ever tried calling your service provider for any matter, you know how long the process can take. Long hold times and poor customer service make an already frustrating process even more difficult. Studies have shown that it takes customers at least 60 minutes to negotiate a single bill, but as you probably already know, it can take much longer.
  • Save more money. Although customers can have success negotiating their own bills, professional negotiators can usually secure a better rate because they know exactly what to ask for. They know exactly what a customer should be getting.
  • Save your sanity. The sheer frustration of talking to customer service agents at big companies is enough to ruin your day. Let the experts do the talking for you.

Saving money is easy. You just have to find the partner that can lower your bill. Send Billshark your bills and see how quickly we can save you money.

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