This is How We Swim

At Billshark, we swim with the best. That’s why our team consists of the smartest, most tenacious Sharks in the ocean.

Our mission is to create a company filled with passion, purpose, and performance. With a goal to save customers 2.7 billion and to educate 1 million students by 2025, having the right team is critical. We look for people that align closely with our most important core values: tenacity, growth mindset and camaraderie. We believe that this is the trifecta of greatness and success.

Our process to create an exceptional team is thorough. First, we do a phone screen to introduce Billshark to the candidate and to learn more about the applicant. Then, we do an assessment that helps us determine whether the candidate fits our company culture and whether they possess our core values. Finally, we conduct an in-person interview to finalize the process. This extensive series of steps ensures that our company is not simply comprised of employees, but with team members who are quick on their fins, have a quick wit, love to learn, and who work tirelessly toward improving Billshark.

Once a Shark is hired, we offer a customized training program to enable all team members to perform at peak levels. We invest in our people because we believe that they are the heartbeat of our company. The training program consists of three different elements designed to immerse the Sharks in the Billshark universe:

  1. The Classroom. Here, a new team member learns new negotiating techniques as well as provider-specific tactics. This step in the training process is broken down into three individual modules: cable, satellite, and wireless.
  2. Side-by-Side Learning. We believe that by listening to and observing other Sharks in action is a very productive way to learn. A new Shark sits with a tenured Shark, listen to live calls and absorb the successful techniques.
  3. Monitoring. Once a new Shark is ready to swim on their own, their supervisor will continue to  monitor them, ensuring that they always have the right tools to not only keep their head above water, but to swim circles around their prey.

Our team is the pulse of Billshark and our goal is to ensure that we only swim with the best.

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