The Highest and Lowest Rated Mobile Carriers

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Report is out and one thing is certain: wireless carriers are still falling short of customer expectations. Although customer satisfaction has increased by about 1.4 percent, it’s still behind many industries like banks, property insurance and financial advisors.

ACSI interviewed more than 19,000 wireless customers to gather data for this report. Here are the findings:

1. T-Mobile gets highest customer satisfaction scoreamong mobile network operators

T-Mobile, considered among customers to have the best value and the easiest billing, scored 76. Verizon and U.S. Cellular tied for second place with a score of 74 while AT&T received a score of 73. Lowest on the spectrum is Sprint which was quite behind with a score of 65.

2. Verizon has best network quality

Based on customer evaluations of call quality and strength, Verizon led the pack with a score of 80. AT&T was next with a score of 78, followed by Sprint and U.S. Cellular with a score of 77. Again, Sprint was last with a score of 72. Customers reported that the worst aspects of network service are data speeds and call centers, respectively.

3. Smaller Companies rate much better than the national giants

Wireless companies that buy airtime from network operators and resell it are doing much better. Consumer Cellular, with a score of 85, was the highest rated wireless company in the entire survey. Customers like the no-contract, postpaid service. It was rated No. 1 for ease of billing.

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