Teaching Kids About Money

As parents, we hope to teach our kids everything we know. We teach them to have common sense, but what about dollars and cents?

Financial literacy is one of the most critical factors in the sometimes elusive formula to success. There are many unknowns in one’s financial future but one thing we know for sure: understanding the fundamentals of earning, saving and managing money are lessons that will last a lifetime.

The Billshark team believes that educating our youth about personal finance is an important part of shaping successful adults. Here are a few apps and games that we think your kids will love:

  1. PiggyBot: Even the piggy bank has gone digital! Check out this electronic piggy bank and allowance tracker and teach kids the importance of saving.
  2. Bankaroo: This virtual bank for kids helps them learn to manage their allowance and expenses, electronically.
  3. Yuby: Expose your child to money management by teaching the relationship between earning, saving and spending.
  4. The Stock Market Game: Engage kids in real world economics and introduce them to virtual investing.
  5. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior Game: Teach your kids everything about how earning money works, how to save, and the importance of giving.

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