Teach Your Child To Be Smart About Money

It’s never too early to teach your kids about money and share your financial wisdom. Even if you are not a finance guru, you probably have some valuable, fundamental advice to share. Check out these great resources available to help you educate your child.

Make Your Kid a Money Genius, by financial author Beth Kobliner. A New York Times bestseller, this book is a step-by-step guide to making your kids much smarter about money. From specific rules about allowances to giving kids financial independence, this is a humorous how-to manual for raising financially literate kids. Check out this podcast with the author too: https://soundcloud.com/artofmanliness/297-make-your-kid-a-money-genius.

The Opposite of Spoiled by personal columnist Ron Lieber is a manifesto that encourages parents to talk openly and honestly about money with their children.

Financial Peace Jr., illustrates that it’s never too early to teach your kids about money. Created for kids ages 3-12, this board game by Dave Ramsey gives parents the tools they need to teach kids about working, spending, saving and giving.

At Billshark, we too are committed to educating kids about money through our One BILL, One CHILD program. We believe that financial literacy is a critical skill that will ultimately help individuals successfully navigate the world of personal finance. Therefore, we have teamed up with Ramsey Solutions to offer its Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum to middle school students. With every bill a customer submits to Billshark, we pay for one child to receive one hour of instruction in the fundamentals of personal finance. Our goal is to empower a future generation of money-smart kids who will be even more financially savvy adults.

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