How to Find and Stream Your Favorite Movies and Shows

In today’s content-driven world, the challenge is not finding good content, it’s finding the cheapest and best way to watch it. For people who are ready to cut the cord with dinosaur cable companies that drain their consumers’ wallets and patience, the alternatives are abundant. But, with so many subscription services like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and pay-per-view services, the choices can be overwhelming. When you want to just sit back and binge-watch great content on your favorite device, where can you find it?

There is a wide variety of top streaming subscription services that have every movie and tv show you can think of and it’s available for instant viewing. So which ones are worth your money in 2017? It depends. Are you looking for original content? News and sports? Classic films? Free content? For the best comprehensive analyses, check out Tom’s Guide, PCMag and Consumer Report for a side-by-side comparison, including price, availability and type of content.

If browsing every service is too cumbersome, there are apps and sites that do the work for you.

Reelgood acts as your “streaming hub.” It aggregates content from approximately 250 streaming sites and allows you to browse your sources and track all your movies and shows in one place. JustWatch ( allows users to find their favorite shows and movies. You can search their database to locate content that you can buy, rent or stream and users can use their filter to find out if and where content can be viewed for free.

Today, there is no need to rely on cable for your entertainment. Consumers’ choices to view their favorite content are endless and finding it has never been easier.

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